ClashRoyale: The new Touchdown mode iscoming

During a live streaming broadcast thattookplace a fewdays ago, ClashRoyale Updatedevelopment team hasshown the world a brand new way for thistitlecalledTouchdown.

In essence, this new game mode for ClashRoyalewillgiveplayers the opportunity to play a ClashRoyale style football game whereeach of the twocompeting teams willconsist of 4 elementseach.

In order to win the game the goal will be to advancehis team within the opponent’sfield, so that he can score a touchdown and earn a crown.

You can take a look atthis new game mode for ClashRoyale in the video below, whereyou can seeallthatwas broadcast during the recent live streaming:

Asyoucouldsee, itwould be saidthat the new Touchdown mode will be a lot of fun and willdefinitelybring new vitallymph to ClashRoyale, alsobecauseitmayalsoattract the attention of sportsenthusiasts and sportsenthusiasts.

Touchdownwillarrive on ClashRoyaleduring the month of October, along with the upcoming update for thistitle. More info on ufficial website on ClashRoyale


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